Sunday, May 28, 2006

Photos of South Hill Community Festival in Vancouver

Kids and their parents were intrigued by water-powered deck clocks, calculators. These bright kids added water to this desk clock, and it started running! Solar-powered bubble machines were a big hit at this neighborhood festival, too.

But nobody expected a crazy-fun, solar-charged "electrocuting" lie-detector that gave out a 10,000 volt shock when it detected a lie! Popular questions included: "Do you do everything you can to recycle?" and "Do you waste a lot of water?" and "Do you buy locally, and choose BC products, whenever possible?" and, from kids to their parents, "Is brocolli really good for me?"
Susan explains how light and photovoltaic panels run the solar powered bubble machines.

Thanks to South Hill neighborhood volunteers and City of Vancouver staff for putting this sustainable event together, and inviting the Solar Power Roadshow.


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