Monday, June 05, 2006

Photos of edu-fun under the Van City tent at Pitt Meadows Day festival

Thanks, everybody at Van City Pitt Meadows branch, for being good sports! It was fun being part of your parade! Solar Power Roadshow brought a clown bike that blew bubbles during the Pitt Meadows Day parade. Later, we were under the Van City tent with solar-charged bubble machines, a water-powered clock, a gravity-powered calculator, light-powered cooling hats, and other almost-impossible -energy devices. These devices made people think: How about a full size car with 10,000 shake-powered generators and electric motors, in our future? Kids had fun! Grown ups, too, with Solar Power Roadshow's solar-charged electrocuting lie detectors -- as the Van City crew were shocked to discover (pun intended.) Solar Power Roadshow can be reached at ( 6 0 4 ) 7 3 9 - 7 7 1 7 in Vancouver, BC.


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