Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Photos of World Oceans Day festival in Surrey BC Canada

Blackie Spit Park in Surrey BC, is a bird sanctuary that is host to many migrating birds. Environmental groups, the City of Surrey, and non-government organizations brought their tents and educational displays to Blackie Spit to celebrate World Oceans Day, in June. Solar Power Roadshow brought light-powered bubble machines, a water-powered (it rains a lot here) clock and calculator, a solar (oven) cooker, and a crazy-fun electrocuting "lie detector" for laughs.

Even a Surrey officer tried the solar-powered lie detector, and passed! While strapped to the 10,000 volt electrocuting lie detector, we'd ask: "Do you do everything you can to recycle?" (If you told the truth, you didn't get zapped.)

The vegan samosas and organic eats served at the fest were delicious, and reminded us of Albert Einstein's wise words: "There is nothing more valuable in saving this planet than becoming a vegetarian."

Thanks, everybody, for inviting Solar Power Roadshow to bring some edu-fun to South Surrey's World Oceans Day festival!


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